Jake Bernsteins – TradingMind [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Having a Hard Time Handling Losses?
Does your Trading Discipline Waiver when Markets get Volatile?
Are you Doubting your Trading System after a Few Losing Trades?
Jake Bernstein’s TradingMind Software will help you to handle these and many other mental and emotional trading issues…
“Jake Bernstein’s TradingMind Software Excercises are designed for Traders who seek to Improve their Consistency, Self-Discipline, Follow-thru, and Ability to follow a trading plan. TradingMind Software is a unique program focused on shaping mental skills that all traders need in their quest for market success”
-Jake Bernstein
TradingMind Sessions:

Trading to Win Mindset
Strength to Take Your Losses
Maintaining Discipline
Handling Fears and Emotions
Maintaining Focus
Visualize Success
Coping with Losses
Reversing Bad Trading Habits
Controlling Over-Confidence
Living in the Success Zone
90% of our mind’s power is housed in the subconscious mind and is responsible for our behaviors, habits, and performance. That 90% can work FOR you or Against you.
Jake Bernstein’s TradingMind Software will make sure that the 90% is working FOR you!
TradingMind Software’s concise 8-minute mental training sessions are easy and enjoyable to use. All you have to do is pop the CD into your drive and let the software do the rest. The only click you’ll have to make is choosing the mental training session you’d like to run. Then sit back and relax. Look, listen and follow the training. That’s it!
If you commit yourself to sitting for an 8-minute mental training session, just a few times a week, you WILL notice yourself becoming MORE disciplined, MORE focused, and MORE able to follow your Trading Plan, without fear and hesitation.