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How To Get Girls Without Being Weird & Creepy
Build a 10/10 body and you’ll be attracting a lot more girls than you are now!

I spent every single day watching videos on fitness, and I got more and more into lifting weights and building my dream body.
I researched online on how to build an aesthetic body that attracts girls and guess what?
Everyone called me shallow! All the guys online were only interested in weightlifting to build more strength. so that they could lift more weight.
Weightlifting is fun but honestly bro, I just wanted girls to like me.
People called it shallow but I thought attracting love and a relationship into my life was anything but shallow.
I devised a framework for creating the attractive 10/10 body that I wanted.
It was all about prioritising the 6 aesthetic muscles:
Neck, Upper Traps, Lateral Delts, Upper Chest, Lats, Abs
AND THEN making sure that you optimised your training to actually build muscle instead of just strength, which most workout routines focused on instead.
And finally I finished the framework with the most important aspect of building muscle: Prioritising ‘bulking’ for the first 2 years of your training.
Following my aesthetic body framework I packed on more muscle and actually started to look good
This Aesthetic Body Accelerator has ALL the videos you need to build your 10/10 dream body!
You’re going to get instant access to an entire 3 hour video course that will walk you through the framework that will practically build your dream body for you!
This is for men who want to start building their dream body to attract girls, or for guys who are already working out and want to switch over their training to a style that builds an aesthetic body.
You’ll Be Able To:
1. Start making progress to your 10/10 dream body straight away
2. Build a physique that actually attracts girls
3. Get more matches on Tinder
4. Get more replies on Instagram
5. Feel more confident in your self, in and out of clothes!
6. Look great on nights out

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Hamza Ahmed – Aesthetic Body Accelerator

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