[GROUP BUY] Cody Butler – Linked Into Profits 2.0

Using LinkedIn To Grow Your Business
Get In Front Of Qualified Prospects, Book Unlimited Calls, And Drive Sales Growth Without The Need For Expensive Paid Ad Campaigns
Ever since Covid struck I’ve been a little bit uncomfortable with spending on ads to promote my business.

Like a lot of people, I’ve wanted to cut “Risky Spending” out.

I’ve really been exploring the “ORGANIC” route to growing my business and I’ve been very focused on using LinkedIn as the way to do it.

And guess what?

It’s still 100%, hands down, the best way to grow a business, and it’s still pretty much…free!

In 2020, I booked 372 Qualified Sales Calls Directly On The LinkedIn Platform. LinkedIn Became Our Company’s Central Growth Lever, Pushing Us To 7 Figures Of Growth

I’ve got it dialled in and is running smoother than a Swiss Watch 🙂

In fact, it’s the best results I’ve ever achieved with LinkedIn, I’m talking 3-4 quality leads every day.

And YES…I am automating a lot of the work!

So basically I’ve reduced it down to 5 simple steps.
We’ve also helped literally 100’s of businesses achieve similar results….

Most “PAID ADVERTISING” campaigns via Google Adwords or Facebook Ads, etc with cost anywhere from $300-$500 and up to generate a qualified prospect….And that’s if you know what you’re doing!

So instead of my advertising budget being close to ZERO (apart from 30 minutes of my time each day)…Those 372 calls would have cost upwards of $185,000 in advertising cost.
I’ve created a simple Step-By-Step training, where I break down my process into 5 sections, with text, images, and video explanations of exactly my process.

  1. How To Find Your EXACT Target Market On LinkedIn
    Don’t waste your time with people who are not interested and never will be. Only target people likely to buy.
  2. Set Your Profile Up Right
    Learn how to get your prospects attention in a way that creates desire and interest.
  3. Messaging
    If you get your message right and you’ll have a flood of business…Get it wrong and you’ll get a flood of spam complaints! I share with you the EXACT messaging scripts we use 🙂
    I’m not going to share what it is here but I will say this…It’s the BIGGEST INDICATOR of your success or failure…If you use the secret sauce…You’ll improve your results by a minimum of 550%.
  5. 30 Minutes Per Day
    I’ll show you how to EXECUTE all of this in no more than 30 minutes per day or less.
    This training will be a massive TIME SAVER for anybody wanting to master LinkedIn to grow their business.
    To put it plainly…we’re getting massive response rates off Hyper-Targeted lists of very qualified prospects we’re creating directly on LinkedIn.

I’ve been sharing this new strategy with a number of private clients as “Beta Testers” to make sure it’s not just me…

…And let’s just say…It’s NOT 🙂

This is what Jamal had to say…

“I can’t believe it…this is amazing. When you said don’t worry about getting clients, worry about serving them, you weren’t joking…From now on you’re Master Cody”!

The bottom line is…

-We’ve got converting scripts.
-Strategies that work.

So if you’re a business that needs more…

Sales Calls
Sales Appointments
Demo’s, etc

…And you want a reliable, predictable, and sustainable way get more leads, generate more sales and make more money…With ZERO ADSPEND…

Then 100% my training “Linked-Into-Profits 2.0” is for you 🙂

Here’s What You’ll Get:

“Linked-Into-Profits 2.0″…Premium Home Study Course With Cody ($2,997 Value)
FULL Access to Student 12-Month Coaching & Mastermind Community ($1,997 Value)
Lifetime Entry To The Program (Usually Only 1 Year) ($597 Value)
Unrestricted Access To ALL Future Updated Video Tutorials ($1,497 Value)
“DONE-FOR-YOU”1-Click Sales Page, Lead Magnet and Onboarding Forms Repository ($1,397 Value)
Tested Proven Copy And Paste Templates To Get Your Own Clients. ($1097 Value)
Copy And Paste Templates To Run Campaigns With For Your Clients ($1,497 Value)
Special Bonus #1 Service Agreements And Proposal Templates ($397 Value).
Special Bonus #2 List of over 1000 Niches to target ($497 Value).
Special Bonus #3​Appointment Setting Master Class ($997 Value).
Everything You Need To Start Generating Clients And Making Money Today – Total Value: $12,970

[GROUP BUY] Cody Butler – Linked Into Profits 2.0