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Dear Friend,
A few months back, I got an email from a frustrated email subscriber.
This subscriber launched an e-comm brand and had a well-designed site with a number of great products.
The only thing was…
She had a really tiny email list.
And no matter what she tried… her list just didn’t seem to grow.
She told me that they tried paid ads… she tried sponsoring well-known influencers… she tried posting a bunch of content on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.
Despite this…

Nothing was happening. Her list wasn’t growing. And she was frustrated as all hell.

If that wasn’t frustrating enough, she felt like she was drinking from a firehose with all the conflicting advice out there.
At the time of our conversation, she was doing her best to gear up for Black Friday & Cyber Monday… but she was feeling a little defeated.
Here’s what she said:
“How the hell do I plan for it Black Friday and Cyber Monday with my 200 email subscribers that don’t open jack shit? And it’s not even October yet and I already can’t afford FB ads. Hello?
Completely at a loss for what to do. Is it just going to be this grind until it won’t?
What is it going to take?
I am quickly losing steam.
Started with a dream and something I loved doing and it has become a chore, a burden, a source of so much stress and disappointment.
I know that I am not amazing at any of these individual elements yet, but I know that I am not God awful.
I just never thought that the scaling part would be this impossible.
What am I missing? Mentors?
I know. What amazing entrepreneur is going to take a stab at this deep shit?
And the amount of information that is coming at me via podcasts and ‘trainings’ and ’emails’ has become virtually indigestible.
Implementing any of that awesome advice and the latest techniques, tips, tricks, systems takes a thousand times longer and is way harder to do well than anyone ever tells you it would because LEARNING CURVE.
Ok. I am done. Call it a pity party, a cry for help. whatever. I don’t care.
If you have any words of wisdom other than going to therapy, please do tell.”You have to believe me when I tell you this…

I felt like this for the first two years when
I was trying to build my email list.

In fact, for the first year when I had less than 100 email subscribers… I felt this pain DAILY.
It kept me awake at night.
It is absolutely infuriating when you’re working your ass off and you’re only moving forward one inch at a time.
And you know what?
I wanna help this person… and any other business owners who are in the same boat.

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