[FREE DOWNLOAD] Become A Six-Figure Affiliate Marketer [Success Blueprint]

Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Affiliate Marketing Income & Expecations
Section 2: Choose Affiliate Markeing Niche
Lecture 3 What’s Inside?
Lecture 4 Niche vs Micro-Niche vs General Website
Lecture 5 Niche Research #1: Niche Research + Brainstorming
Lecture 6 Niche Research #2: Validating Best Niche for SEO
Lecture 7 Niche Research #3: Selecting Most Profitable Niche
Section 3: Setting Up Domain name & Web Hosting
Lecture 8 What’s Inside
Lecture 9 Best Domain & Web Hosting Websites
Lecture 10 Setup up Domain & Web Hosting
Lecture 11 Grab Already Monetized Sites
Lecture 12 Buy Expired Domains
Section 4: Affiliate Website Design
Lecture 13 What’s Inside
Lecture 14 WordPress Dashboard Overview
Lecture 15 Find & Install Best Free WordPress Themes
Lecture 16 Why this Theme is Best for You?
Lecture 17 Theme & Customization Settings
Lecture 18 Create New Pages
Lecture 19 Setup Google Search & Analytics
Lecture 20 Exploring Extra Theme Features
Section 5: Best Affiliate Programs to Join
Lecture 21 What’s Inside
Lecture 22 Find your Favourite Affiliate Program
Lecture 23 5 Best Affiliate Programs
Section 6: Keyword Research
Lecture 24 What’s Inside
Lecture 25 Keyword Research #1: Keyword Research using Free Tool
Lecture 26 Keyword Research #2: Competitors Research
Lecture 27 Keyword Research #3: Search Intent
Lecture 28 InterLinking + Silo Structure
Section 7: On-Page SEO for Affiliate Website
Lecture 29 What’s Inside?
Lecture 30 Complete SEO Checklist
Lecture 31 Setting Up Rankmath SEO Plugin
Lecture 32 Exploring RankMath SEO Premium Features
Section 8: Off-Page SEO for Affiliate Websites
Lecture 33 What’s Inside
Lecture 34 Importance of Backlinks
Lecture 35 Top 10 Strategies to Create High Quality Backlinks
Lecture 36 2000+ High Quality Backlink sites
Section 9: Content Creation for Affiliate Products
Lecture 37 What’s Inside
Lecture 38 Create Content for Website
Lecture 39 Optimize Content for SEO
Section 10: Free: Advanced Affiliate Traffic Methods
Lecture 40 What’s Inside
Lecture 41 PRO: Using Pinterest for Traffic
Lecture 42 Using YouTube for Traffic
Lecture 43 Using Quora for Traffic
Section 11: Thank you + Conclusions
Lecture 44 Thank you + Conclusion

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Become A Six-Figure Affiliate Marketer [Success Blueprint]

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